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A Long Line of Godly Men Profile: The Trinitarian Devotion of John Owen (Hardcover)


The writing and teaching of John Owen, a 17th century pastor and theologian, continues to serve the church. Daily communion with God characterized his life and equipped him for both ministry and persecution.

In The Trinitarian Devotion of John Owen, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson offers careful reflection and insight for Christians today as he highlights Owen’s faith in the triune God of Scripture. We’re reminded that regardless of our circumstances we can know God, enjoy Him, and encourage others.

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“Some of us who fell in love with John Owen’s writings did so, to some significant measure, because of the enthusiastic endorsement given by Sinclair Ferguson. For me, after more than thirty-five years of gospel ministry, it would be difficult to exaggerate the importance of Owen’s theological and pastoral insights. But we have long been in need of an updated biography—not simply one that narrates the significant details of his life, but one that analyzes the contours of his theological insights and how they shaped and defined him. And no one is better placed to do that than Sinclair Ferguson. I suspect that many of us, when engaging in word-association, provide the name ‘Ferguson’ when ‘John Owen’ is mentioned.

“I cannot overstate the importance of this volume. I fully expect it to become a best-seller among those who appreciate Owen—and deservedly so.”

— Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas

“Reading this book is like listening in on a conversation between one of the most trusted voices from the past and one of the most trusted voices in the present. In fact, that’s exactly what this book is. And as you listen in, you will hear the arc of the conversation bend in one constant direction. You will hear these two voices remind you of the glorious truth that the Christian life is communion with the Triune God.”

— Dr. Stephen J. Nichols

“This is now the prime book I will be recommending on John Owen. I am very impressed, but not surprised: Sinclair Ferguson has so imbibed the spirit of Owen that he conveys the thought and heart of the great man with limpid clarity. This means that this book is far more than an introduction to Owen; it is at the same time a rich and deeply affecting meditation on communion with our glorious, triune God. Here is a feast of angel’s food.”

— Dr. Michael Reeves

“Let me begin by echoing Sinclair Ferguson’s own story: John Owen, more than any other theologian of the past, has profoundly shaped my vision of the triune God and what it means to live in the wonder of the gospel. In this delightful little book, Ferguson offers a sort of expert paraphrase and appreciation of Owen’s classic volume Communion with God. Along the way, he gives us a great gift: in your hands is now a beautifully accessible tour of Owen’s approach to the spiritual life, by which he means a life secure in the love of the Father, the grace of the Son, and the strong fellowship of the Spirit. Read, savor, and be refreshed, for neither Owen nor Ferguson will disappoint.”

— Dr. Kelly M. Kapic

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