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Andrew and the Firedrake – by Douglas Wilson (Paperback)


About the Author

Douglas Wilson is a pastor, father of three, and grandfather of seventeen. He has written several novels for children and adults, including the award-winning Evangellyfish, Flags Out Front, What I Learned in Narnia, and more than fifty other books.

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Andrew awakens in a strange garden perched on the side of a mountain.

The boy can’t remember who or where he is. But he does know that he has a task to do–and it’s very important he complete it exactly the way he was instructed, no matter who–or what–tells him otherwise.

At every step of his quest. Andrew is faced with a choice: will he do what he knows he must, or will he take a shortcut? He will meet new friends, bitter enemies, and some who are a little of both as he discovers his story is at once stranger and more magical than he thought.

This book is published by Canonball Books. Canonball Books is the children’s imprint of Canon Press. At Canonball, we believe stories are soul food, so you can expect excitement, danger, loyalty, virtue, and family in your Canonball books. Feed your kids the right books! Souls will be fed and shaped from the inside out. That much is inescapable.

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