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Demons: What the Bible Really Says About the Powers of Darkness by Michael S. Heiser


2020 Center for Biblical Studies Finalist for Biblical Theology

The truth about demons is far stranger―and even more fascinating―than what’s commonly believed.

Are demons real? Are they red creatures with goatees holding pitchforks and sitting on people’s shoulders while whispering bad things? Did a third of the angels really rebel with Satan? Are demons and “principalities and powers” just terms for the same entities, or are they different members of the kingdom of darkness? Is the world a chaotic mess because of what happened in Eden, or is there more to the story of evil?

What people believed about evil spiritual forces in ancient biblical times is often very different than what people have been led to believe about them today. And this ancient worldview is missing from most attempts to treat the topic.

In Demons, Michael Heiser debunks popular presuppositions about the very real powers of darkness. Rather than traditions, stories, speculations, or myths, Demons is grounded in what ancient people of both the Old and New Testament eras believed about evil spiritual forces and in what the Bible actually says. You’ll come away with a sound, biblical understanding of demons, supernatural rebellion, evil spirits, and spiritual warfare.

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Michael Heiser has done a great service to all who want to understand the biblical theology of demons, the supernatural powers in rebellion against God. He gives a detailed exploration of the biblical materials as well as the best of the literature of ancient Jewish writers. He correctly believes that we must read the biblical accounts in the context of their ancient worldview. Reviewing all this material, helpfully gathered into this book, will challenge most everyone’s understanding of demons. His work is controversial so he brings the work of those who differ with him into his discussions. The study will correct widely-held errors in modern demonology and make us more faithful followers of the One who has won the decisive victory over the Devil. -Gerry Breshears, Professor of Theology, Western Seminary, Portland

About the Author

Michael S. Heiser (1963–2023) was a popular Bible teacher, author, and the founding executive director of AWKNG School of Theology. An expert in the Bible and ancient Semitic languages, he wrote numerous books, including The Unseen Realm, Angels, and Demons. For many years, he was scholar-in-residence at Logos Bible Software. He earned a PhD in Hebrew Bible and Semitic languages from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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