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God In Our Midst – by Daniel R Hyde (Paperback)


Christians often wonder whether it is worth their time to read and study the seemingly odd narratives about God’s instructions for the tabernacle in the second half of the book of Exodus. The answer, according to Daniel R. Hyde, is an emphatic yes.

In God in Our Midst: The Tabernacle and Our Relationship with God, Hyde shows that the tabernacle narratives have much to teach us about God Himself, about sin, about redemption in Christ, and about how we are to live for God today. Above all, by interpreting these narratives according to solid hermeneutical principles and New Testament revelation, Hyde shows that these passages reveal Christ.

Ultimately, Hyde says, it is good to read the tabernacle narratives because they are part of our family history. We need to read and meditate on that history because we have the same God, the God who told His old covenant, “I will dwell in your midst,” and who tells us that Christians are the true tabernacle, the dwelling place of God under the new covenant (Eph. 2:22).

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“It is refreshing to have an exposition of the tabernacle that avoids the allegorizing excesses that have so often been a feature of the ‘Christianizing’ of this important part of the Old Testament. Daniel Hyde seeks to give a sound exegesis of the text and, only then, to lead us ‘to see it through New Testament eyes,’ and thus to discover its testimony to Christ and its role in edifying the faithful.”

— Dr. Graeme Goldsworthy

“Saturated with sound exegesis, helpful insights, pointed application, and warm devotion, God in Our Midst helps us to see in the tabernacle not merely pieces of furniture or sets of curtains, but Christ Himself, in the beauty of His holiness and the peace of His pardoning grace. This book will drive pastors from the study to the pulpit, and parishioners from study to worship.”

— Rev. Brian Vos

“Danny Hyde has distinguished himself as someone who is historically and theologically grounded while consistently keeping things clear, Christ-centered, and relevant. This book on the tabernacle is no exception. Each chapter is a fine meal elegantly served up for the nourishment of the saints. I know now where I will turn first when it comes to books on the tabernacle.”

— Dr. Gerald M. Bilkes

“This work on the tabernacle not only demonstrates how the tabernacle foreshadows Christ in its exposition of Exodus 25–40, it lays out principles to help people read the Old Testament properly. The appendix on ‘Preaching the Pentateuch’ is worth the price of the book. Such passionate preaching of the Old Testament is greatly needed in the church today.”

— Dr. Richard P. Belcher Jr.

“In God in Our Midst, Rev. Danny Hyde provides a true feast for the reader. He demonstrates a grasp of the Scriptures in terms of the grand storyline as well as the particular texts that flesh out the points he makes. His examination of the tabernacle—its building, sacrifices, personnel—are gateways to discuss a wide variety of theological matters and directions of rich, spiritual application. The tabernacle centers around the person and work of Jesus Christ. This book is rich in content devoted to theology and to piety. Lay members and ordained pastors will learn and relearn much in this book. Highly recommended!”

— Rev. Mark Vander Hart

“As children learn with concrete objects and figures, the Old Testament people were taught by God with physical symbols such as the tabernacle. With centuries in between, most Christians have missed the beauty of God’s provisional dwelling place. Danny Hyde takes us back in time through the lens of the New Testament to grasp God’s artistic demonstration of His awesome and redeeming presence. What pointed to Christ in His first coming will shine with much more splendor in God’s definitive tabernacle in the new heaven and new earth.”

— Dr. Heber Carlos de Campos Jr.

“How refreshing to have a book that unlocks the treasures of this section of God’s Word so clearly and so faithfully. Daniel Hyde has handed us not only an excellent series of devotional studies on the tabernacle, he has given us an example of how to allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. So many have sought the key to unlocking these chapters in allegory, imagination, and speculation, all of which has proven to make things complex and unprofitable. Instead, we are guided to simply read the text as it was intended to be read. Daniel helps us to hear God teaching His people about the promised Savior, Jesus, and the great things He would do to redeem and transform sinners. The secret, the mystery in it all, is Jesus. It is so exciting to be able to see these things for oneself. After the first few chapters of this little book, I am sure readers will be able to see the patterns for themselves, and make connections with more familiar New Testament passages. What could be more exciting than to know in greater detail the wonder it is to experience God in our midst? This would be an excellent resource for any Bible study group or class to open up a section of Scripture that sadly continues to remain closed to so many.”

— Dr. David R. Jackson

About the Author

Rev. Daniel R. Hyde is pastor of Oceanside United Reformed Church in Carlsbad, Calif., adjunct professor at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, and author of several books, including God in Our Midst and Welcome to a Reformed Church. Rev. Hyde also serves as a member of the advisory council for Word & Deed.

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